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How to Keep Your Mind Fresh

Get those Z’s

As much as some aged people fear the thought of sleeping, since it is often related to the “final sleep” or death, everyone must sleep to function properly. There are even some studies that proved that lack of sleep might cause death. The brain also tends to feel abused and deteriorate faster if it is not getting enough rest, just like the body. Aging people must get all the rest they can and must have the proper amount of sleep needed by the body. For older people, their bodies tend to use more energy in doing simple things. Getting rest after a tiresome day is just right. Similar to children, a minimum of eight hours a day is recommended.

Eat Right

Like sleep and exercise, a balanced diet is important for a healthy and long life. Aging people might have different needs compared to younger people, but just the same, it must be filled with vitamins, nutrients, and carbs among others. According to the US government, the standard diet of aging people must contain three servings of whole grains, bunches of micronutrients in plant ingredients, five servings of fruits and vegetables, and five to eight glasses of water per day. When it comes to fats, it must be limited. In the totality of the diet designed for aging people, it must be composed of 35% fat, mostly unsaturated and from food like meal and olive oil; 15% from protein including meat; and 50% from simple carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables as well as from complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, wild rice, and whole wheat bread. It’s a well-known fact that eating right can help prevent conditions such as heart disease and is even known to be an effective sciatica treatment.

Another thing for aging people to consider is to pace their eating. Small meals throughout the day is better than few huge meals. There is also a simple rule when it comes to eating, the Rule of Twos–eat two times more often than usual, have half of the usual portion, and chew the food two times longer. This will help the body break down the food better, improve nutrient absorption, and help avoid heartburn. Recommended is six small meals a day rather than three huge meals.

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Aging is Unavoidable

Aging is one of the inevitable things in life and although it cannot be avoided, the most that people can do is to make the most out of it. There are some people who are lucky enough to live good lives up to their aging years, there are also some who keep on struggling. But despite the challenges, people must go on fighting and living. (Visit or for two shining examples of businesses run by an older generation but still running strong!) There might be many changes and transitions that come along with old age, such as living alone again and their children having their own families. Continuing established businesses may also be a challenge for the elderly. All of these might be too overwhelming, but for people who are aging, it is important to maintain a healthy body and even a healthier well being and sense of life. There might be times that elder people feel weighed down by the years, but the good thing is that there are ways to battle the blues.

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How to Fend off the Age Bug

Here are some of the best tips on how to stay healthy and fit mentally, physically, and emotionally for people who are aging:

Keep the Brain Active

One of the most common mistakes of people is that they take the brain for granted. The brain must always be active in order for it to function fully. It is a muscle and if it is not exercised, it tends to end up in a bad shape, which means bad memory and analization skills. If the brain remains stagnant for a very long time, it can even be a target of various diseases. For aging people, they must keep the brain stimulated. These powerful muscles need to be active so the neurological pathways remain open. There are so many things that one can do to keep the brain stimulated–learn how to paint, start doing crossword puzzles, learn a new language, read books about new topics, etc.

Use Those Muscles

Exercising the body is very important, especially for aging people. Just like the brain, the muscles must be used constantly so they will not deteriorate. There are various training programs designed for aging people that are just right for them, not too rigorous, not too light. For those who are not into working out, there are also aerobic classes and yoga that can be done. These are far less intense activities that still enable the muscles to be exercised. There are also research done all over the world that prove the benefits of exercising. Some of these benefits include helping the body battle the loss of stamina, increasing bone density, improving balance, enhancing muscle strength, and others. Remember to do warm ups and cool downs before and after the training.

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Accept the Reality of Aging

A healthy body can never be achieved without the right mind-set. For aging people, choosing to be happy and accepting the changes is the best way to go. As mentioned, aging and all the things to come with it is unavoidable. Look at the bright side, recall fond memories, be thankful for the things that happened and the lessons learned. If a person has already accepted these things, aging will be nothing more but another phase.

Moreover, there are some aging myths that must be busted. These things hinder the growth of aging people and do nothing but only make them feel bad and useless. These myths are often baseless and are never proven. Three of the most popular myths are these–one cannot teach an old dog a new trick, memory loss is part of life, and that together with aging comes disability and poor health. None of these are true! There is no such thing as an old dog. People learn no matter what their age is, as long as they are interested and having fun with it. When it comes to memory loss, it does not happen to everybody. There are lots of things that people can do to boost their memories and keep the brain sharp. And with the disabilities and poor health, there are also preventive measures that can be done in order to avoid these things. Don’t be shy in seeking out personal loans for bad credit from a site like if your aging costs begin to pile up. Although there are really diseases prevalent in the latter part of life, the possibility of significantly reducing the risk of these is very high. The trick is to start maintaining a healthy body and brain early on in life.

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